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Islam’s Eight Benefits of Caring for Cats

1. Reduces Loneliness

The first benefit of having a cat is that the presence of cats around us can reduce the existing feeling of loneliness and turn it into a feeling of comfort and peace. No doubt, cats are often believed to be loyal friends.

A study shows that having a cat can reduce stress and anxiety and encourage us to participate in active movement and physical activity.

2. Train Us To Become Responsible Persons

In Islam, responsibility is one of the important aspects of daily life. By taking care of a cat, we will learn how to be responsible starting from providing food, water, providing a proper bed, to keeping the cat healthy.

3. Teaches Us to Give Charity

In a hadith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim, Rasulullah SAW once said:

“In every alms given to creatures who have a heart (heart) that is wet (live) will get a good reward. A Muslim who grows plants or herbs which are then eaten by birds, humans or animals, then for him as charity.” (HR. Bukhari dan Muslim)

This hadith gives us an understanding that giving food or drink to animals is part of the charity and therefore whoever does this will get a reward from Allah SWT.

4. Teaches Us How to Empathize and Care for Others

Caring for animals is one way to train one’s empathic abilities. The benefits of keeping cats according to Islam this one can happen because we unconsciously learn to understand how they feel and try to meet all their needs.

We will feel how the cat feels if it is hungry, thirsty, sick, or afraid. We will also feel how happy the cat is if it is given love and affection.

With empathy, it will be easier for us to be kind, fair, and friendly to fellow humans and animals. We will also find it easier to help people in need, comfort those who are sad, and love those who are lonely.

5. Get Ridha and Forgiveness of Allah SWT

The next benefit of keeping a cat according to Islam is getting forgiveness and the pleasure of Allah SWT. In the book Adabul Mufrod, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Luqman explained that every Muslim is encouraged to always do good to all animals, especially cats. This is so that later we will receive forgiveness and pleasure from Allah SWT.

If we take good care of cats, then we have shown our gratitude to Allah SWT for the blessings He has given us. We have also shown our love for the Prophet SAW who really loves cats. Thus, we hope to receive forgiveness and pleasure from Allah SWT for all our sins and mistakes.

6. Unclean Free

In a hadith narrated by At-Tirmidhi, Rasulullah SAW said:

“This cat is not unclean. Actually cats are pets that we often meet and are around us.” (HR. At-Tirmidzi)

From this hadith, we can know that cats are clean and not unclean animals. Even though cats often eat something unclean like carrion, Allah SWT eliminates the unclean nature of cats. This is because cats are the pets of the Prophet SAW which he loves very much.

Because cats are not unclean animals, we don’t need to worry if cats touch or lick our things. We also don’t need to worry if the cat drinks from our ablution water vessel. We can still use the water for ablution without having to wash the vessel first.

Even so, this does not necessarily justify cats as halal animals to eat. Cats are still animals that are forbidden to eat in Islam because they are not considered halal animals according to Islam. We must respect cats as pets, not as food.

7. As a scale of good deeds in the afterlife

The seventh advantage of keeping a cat according to Islam is that it becomes a scale for good deeds in the hereafter. In a hadith narrated by a Muslim, Rasulullah SAW said:

“Surely Allah will admit a woman into paradise because she gave a thirsty dog to drink by taking water from a well with his shoe.” (HR. Muslim)

From this hadith, we can understand that giving a thirsty dog a drink can be the cause of someone’s entry into heaven. Especially if we give a drink to the cat which is the Prophet’s favorite animal.

This shows that doing good to animals can be a scale of goodness in the afterlife for us. We don’t know what will happen on the Day of Resurrection. Maybe our good deeds to animals can be our helpers or saviors from the punishment of hell.

8. Get the Intercession of the Prophet SAW

The last benefit of keeping cats according to Islam is getting the intercession of the Prophet SAW. Intercession is assistance or assistance given by someone to another person in the presence of Allah SWT. The intercession of the Prophet SAW is the highest and most important intercession among other intercessors.

In a hadith narrated by Ahmad, Rasulullah SAW said:

“Indeed I will intercede on the Day of Judgment to those who love these animals (cats).” (HR. Ahmad)

From this hadith, we can know that the Prophet SAW would intercede for people who love cats. This is a great privilege and honor for those who take good care of cats.

We know that the intercession of the Prophet SAW is needed by every Muslim on the Day of Resurrection. We don’t know what will happen to us on the Day of Resurrection. It is possible that we fall into great sins and mistakes. Maybe we are threatened to go to hell.

Therefore, let’s try to get the intercession of the Prophet SAW by loving cats as his favorite pets. We have to treat cats well, not hurt them, not torture them, and not ignore them. We have to give cats their rights as living beings who deserve love and protection.

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