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Why I use Qasil powder for FaceMask

Item PortrayalThe Qasil powder is referred to by numberous names , logical as Jujube zezephus, Ethiopian magnificence fixings, habeesh cover . green powder It is an old stunner mysterious of the traveling clans in Somali as well as Ethiopia.Ou qasil is made of destroyed leaves of the Gob tree , we keep up with its properties and componets while shreding the leaves into powder structure . This green hued powder is one of the most outstanding fixing in skin mindful.Why is IT IncredibleThis is a high priority veil while making your own Do-It-Yourself facial cover, it profoundly purges , balances and filters the skin, it is likewise cherished due to its capacity of tenderly shedding , saturating and leaving the skin delicate and graceful.Qasil further develops complexion, surface and gives you a characteristic gleamFixings YOU CAN ADD TO QASIL TO MAKE A CoverTurmeric – to assist with recuperating skin break out and blur dark spots ( for sleek skin )Sandalwood Powder-to assist with bringing a sound gleamBinti Dhahabu – to for the most part further develop the skin condition , battle first indications of maturing, follow up on almost negligible differences like wizardryRose water – to condition the skin and help in profound purifying Honey-For skin rejuvenatonThe most effective method to Utilizeutilize 1 tea spoon loaded with the qasil to 1 tea spoon of sandlewood powder, add rosewater/water/milk to make a steady glue and apply all through face , hold back to get then wash it dryutilize 1 tea spoon brimming with qasil to a little spot of one or the other turmeric/binti dhahabu add rose water to it to cause a steady glue to apply all through face and wash once it dries .utilize 1 tea spoon of qasil to 1 tea spoon of honey to make a steady glue and apply all through the face

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