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Why Most Graduates are broke in Kenya.

The issue of university graduates being jobless in Kenya (and in many other countries) is a complex and multi-faceted problem that can be attributed to several factors:

  1. Mismatch between Skills and Job Market Demands: One of the main reasons is a mismatch between the skills acquired by graduates and the demands of the job market. The curriculum in some universities might not be aligned with the needs of the industries and job opportunities available. This can result in graduates having qualifications that are not in high demand, making it difficult for them to find suitable employment.
  2. Rapid Increase in Graduates: Over the past years, there has been a significant increase in the number of universities and higher education institutions in Kenya. As a result, the number of graduates entering the job market has also risen rapidly, leading to increased competition for limited job opportunities.
  3. Economic Factors: Kenya, like many other countries, may face economic challenges and slow job market growth. A sluggish economy can limit the number of available jobs and create a tough job market for graduates.
  4. Corruption and Nepotism: In some cases, the job market might be influenced by corruption and nepotism, where job opportunities are given based on personal connections rather than merit and qualifications.
  5. Lack of Practical Experience: Some graduates might lack practical experience and skills required in the workplace. Many employers seek candidates who have some relevant work experience, and without it, graduates may struggle to secure employment.
  6. Limited Job Opportunities in Certain Fields: Some fields of study might be oversaturated with graduates, while other sectors might have a shortage of qualified individuals. This disparity can result in unemployment for graduates in certain fields.
  7. Entrepreneurial Challenges: The focus on formal employment might overshadow entrepreneurial opportunities for graduates. Self-employment and entrepreneurship could be viable options, but support and resources for starting and growing businesses might be limited.
  8. Quality of Education: The quality of education provided by some institutions might not meet the standards required by employers, leaving graduates ill-equipped for the job market.

Addressing these challenges requires a multi-pronged approach involving collaboration between the government, universities, and industries. Improving the quality of education, aligning the curriculum with market needs, promoting vocational training, encouraging entrepreneurship, and creating a favorable economic environment are some steps that can help reduce graduate unemployment in Kenya.

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